Thursday, August 13, 2009

My bad experience with FreeSiteSignUp started…

This is an update for this post!

Today is August 30, 2009.

As of today had not paid the commission that they had promised to pay. I guess it will never be paid after so many times I had communicated with their customer support and all they can say is that they pay commission on the 15th of every month. But a couple of 15th had already passed and they have not paid me the commission due me. I had stopped promoting this program instead I am updating this blog so that people will know that FREESITESIGNUP.COM is a SCAM. They did not pay me my first commission of $205 And maybe there are other's who have signed up with them and never got paid. This is my bad experience with another scam program on the internet.


In March, 2009, when I came across this so called affiliate site. After trying it for several days, I upgraded to their paid affiliate program on March 23, 2009 and tried promoting it. I quickly found out that this program is not worth your time to make money online.

They claimed that you don't need to spend a penny to join as an affiliate. They have about 28 other websites that give reviews of popular affiliate programs. If you click any link and make a purchase or join as an affiliate, you will get a commission, that’s what they claim to do.

Is it really FREE?

When you decide to join the program, you have two options. You can choose either the Basic program or the Money Making Website Package.

The basic package is FREE, but you cannot make any changes to your website, because it is a replication of the main website. If you choose this package, it is impossible to make as Google does not give replicated website a good rank.

Your second option is the Money Making Website Package. You upgrade to this package by paying $8.95 for the first 30 days of hosting your website. The fee includes the domain name. After 30 days, they charge your credit card with $97 for one year of hosting. When you upgrade to this package that is when you get a $100 pending bonus. You also get paid $50 every time someone signs up as a paid affiliate and get paid $5 when someone below them signs someone to the program also. You get paid when your commission totals $200.00 or more, that’s what they also claim.

With this package, you can customize your website. They provide training course in their member area, which will help you set up and promote your Money Making Website, another claim.

Just as any other online businesses, you have to promote your website and drive traffic. Once people make purchases through your website or join your Money Making Website you get paid your commission..

Freesitesignup is a Scam.

I have been promoting this "money making website" for 5 months now and made a very small commission of $205, but up until my writing this blog, I had not been paid this commissions due me. For the past two months of chatting with their customer support people I have no luck getting paid. Their customer support sucks. They will tell you that they are there to help you every step of the way. But just to get paid has taken an unbearable experience for someone whose goal is to make money online.

The so called "cash-pulling affiliate website", which cost me $106, is just a review website. It has a very simple script with very limited features. In the 5 months of promoting it, I have gotten a few visitors to my website. It is very hard to promote. Their ad says that you will make $1000 everyday after setting up your website is simply not true at all. And if it is true, maybe the more they cannot pay me.

A $97 per year of hosting is not cheap at all for sharing web hosting, and I am curious how they provide such terrible service with such a high price.

Finally, customers support sucks. Their training tutorials are not good. They just show some basic knowledge about Internet marketing in the courses. In fact, you can get an even better program with professional trainings with much lower cost. or even free.

I will never recommend FreeSiteSignup to anyone. It is not a good program for making money online. It is not worth your time and money to promote it